Idk what to say. I fall for him already :O

Kinda hate this feeling. --'' I fall for him already. I really DO Love HIM. I cried for him last time. --'' Shittt. Orite. Nvm. He's my boyfie now. I know he will take good care of me and love me for who I am. I know he won't hurt me like Someone does :))
Yeah. He stole my heart --''. Omg. I'm started to miss him .
Ngee~~ I'm checking his FB. Siott. xD

#HateItWhenI'mStartingBeingAStalker --''

Waiseh. I'm flu and I'm sitting in front of my laptop updating my blog. --'' Ngee. I should sleep early but I can't because I have to Tell everybody that I'm fall in love with my own Boyfie♥ :D 
#Aha! I'mWeird. xDD

Orite. Thats all everbody :) 
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