Hello. It's been a long time I didn't update my blog. I have change everything. ;) Yeah. I'll let you see it. I'm so bored. Kinda. Sunday was a very hot day . That why its called ' SUN'day. = ='' Air conditioning are not enough to make me feel cold. I need some ice-cream to make me cold. Oh God ! I wish tonight gonna rain so that this hot feeling stop. --''
Daa. I sign up my Facebook everyday. BoredBoredBored. --'' I don't know what to do. I guess its time for me to decreased some Facebook and increase real Studybook. >< Its hard but I have to try.  This feelings killed me = =
I need a doctor. xD
=/= I keep rewind Paramore's songs. So bored. Aiyer. I miss them. 
#IMissMyFriends :'(  Friends always make me laugh everyday except for Sunday TT
Erk. I miss Mr too. :/ Nvm. Tomorrow SCHOOL ! xD Hurray !

#Dear readers, I'm not crazy actually. I'm Bored. = =''  So please, don't misunderstood. Bye~